invention of a New renewable energy source: Atmospheric pressure machine

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Author : Sadok JABLI

Published date : 2012

Uploaded by : sadok-jabli

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Book Description :
This is a description of my new invention « Atmospheric pressure machine » with all scientific and technical information proving the possibility of using atmospheric pressure as a new source of renewable energy. The descriptive document includes: -The 1st part: Invention description with regard to theoretical aspect, and scientifically proving the possibility to produce a continuous mechanical movement by the means of atmospheric pressure -The 2nd part: description of an invention related to the practical aspect. It is about the development of the first invention. This description shows the practical aspects of the invention use and includes all required technical and scientific data. It is through this invention that suitable equipment is targeted to manufacture atmospheric pressure machines. I invite you to discover this Energy Breakthrough. To understand this Machine functioning principle, remember the following: Nota: The atmospheric pressure machine is an atmospheric turbine that converts kinetic energy of the cylinders whose external sides are under the atmospheric pressure into mechanical work. Work and energy principle: The input energy is the atmospheric pressure on the cylinders (converted into kinetic energy, the output energy is the electric energy, and the efficiency rate is 0,7.

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